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Best Social Sciences podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Social Sciences podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by iHeartRadio and HowStuffWorks.
The latest news from the team behind BBC History Magazine - a popular History magazine. To find out more, visit www.historyextra.com
Witness History
History as told by the people who were there.
In "Hardcore History" journalist and broadcaster Dan Carlin takes his "Martian", unorthodox way of thinking and applies it to the past. Was Alexander the Great as bad a person as Adolf Hitler? What would Apaches with modern weapons be like? Will our modern civilization ever fall like civilizations from past eras? This isn't academic history (and Carlin isn't a historian) but the podcast's unique blend of high drama, masterful narration and Twilight Zone-style twists has entertained millions ...
In Our Time
Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the history of ideas
BackStory is a weekly public podcast hosted by U.S. historians Ed Ayers, Brian Balogh, Nathan Connolly and Joanne Freeman. We're based in Charlottesville, Va. at Virginia Humanities.There’s the history you had to learn, and the history you want to learn - that’s where BackStory comes in. Each week BackStory takes a topic that people are talking about and explores it through the lens of American history. Through stories, interviews, and conversations with our listeners, BackStory makes histor ...
The BHP is a chronological retelling of the history of Britain with a particular focus upon the lives of the people. You won’t find a dry recounting of dates and battles here, but instead you’ll learn about who these people were and how their desires, fears, and flaws shaped the histories of England, Scotland, and Wales.
Join neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris as he explores important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events. Sam Harris is the author of five New York Times bestsellers. His books include The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, The Moral Landscape, Free Will, Lying, Waking Up, and Islam and the Future of Tolerance (with Maajid Nawaz). The End of Faith won the 2005 PEN Award for Nonfiction. His writing and public lectures ...
Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds picks a subject from history and examine it.
Hidden Brain
Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.
Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.
A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions. Now: The Russian Revolution Next: ???
The History Hour
An hour of historical reporting told by the people who were there.
Intelligence Squared is the world’s leading forum for debate and intelligent discussion. Live and online we take you to the heart of the issues that matter, in the company of some of the world’s sharpest minds and most exciting orators. Join the debate at www.intelligencesquared.com and download our weekly podcasts every Tuesday and Friday.
Philosophy Bites
David Edmonds (Uehiro Centre, Oxford University) and Nigel Warburton (freelance philosopher/writer) interview top philosophers on a wide range of topics. Two books based on the series have been published by Oxford University Press. We are currently self-funding - donations very welcome via our website http://www.philosophybites.com
This is my retelling of the story of England, in a regular, chronological podcast, from the end of Roman Britain. I’m a bloke in a shed, but I make sure this is good, properly prepared history, and then fill it with my enthusiasm. You’ll find the great events and people for sure – but also some of the byways, of how people lived, their language, and the forces that shaped their lives and destinies. Note that iTunes limits podcasts to 300 episodes and there are more than that, so to see for t ...
The Allusionist
Adventures in language with Helen Zaltzman: TheAllusionist.org. A proud member of Radiotopia from PRX. Learn more at radiotopia.fm.
All good stories have a twist, and all great storytellers are just a little twisted. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew -- from pop-culture to politics from Hollywood to History... The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe -- short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span.
The History of Rome
A weekly podcast tracing the history of the Roman Empire, beginning with Aeneas's arrival in Italy and ending with the exile of Romulus Augustulus, last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire. Now complete!
An audio journey through the 5000 year history of one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations.
The logic of personal, philosophical and political freedom
A biweekly podcast covering the last great war. Join Ray Harris Jr as he explores World War Two in intimate detail.
Philosophize This!
Beginner friendly if listened to in order! For anyone interested in an educational podcast about philosophy where you don't need to be a graduate-level philosopher to understand it. In chronological order, the thinkers and ideas that forged the world we live in are broken down and explained.
The Anthropocene is the current geological age, in which human activity has profoundly shaped the planet and its biodiversity. On The Anthropocene Reviewed, #1 New York Times bestselling author John Green (The Fault in Our Stars, Turtles All the Way Down) reviews different facets of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including On the Media, Snap Judgment, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and Here’s the Thing with A ...
Groundbreaking Peabody Award-winning conversation about the big questions of meaning — spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, and the arts. Each week a new discovery about the immensity of our lives. Hosted by Krista Tippett, new every Thursday.
Over 900 years ago, thousands of Christians invaded the Middle East, intent on taking the Holy Land from the Muslims. The following 200 years were marked by a series of military campaigns known as the Crusades.Join us to follow the history of the Crusades from 1095 onwards. Castles, battles, religious clashes, Richard the Lionheart, the Assassins, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Saladin, the Knights Templar - all will feature as we examine one of the most interesting periods in history.
David Axelrod, the founder and director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, brings you The Axe Files, a series of revealing interviews with key figures in the political world. Go beyond the soundbites and get to know some of the most interesting players in politics. This show is moving to Luminary! For more, go to LuminaryPodcasts.com.
All In The Mind is ABC RN's weekly podcast looking into the mental universe, the mind, brain and behaviour — everything from addiction to artificial intelligence.
Each week, the International Spy Museum will offer a new SpyCast featuring interviews and programs with ex-spies, intelligence experts, and espionage scholars. The SpyCast is hosted by Dr. Vince Houghton, historian and curator at the International Spy Museum. Dr. Houghton specializes in intelligence, diplomatic, and military history, with expertise in the late-WWII and early-Cold War eras. The International Spy Museum in Washington, DC is the only public museum in the U.S. solely dedicated t ...
History on Fire
Where history and epic collide--"History on Fire" is a podcast by author and university professor Daniele Bolelli. For more, go to LuminaryPodcasts.com
Slow Burn
In its first two seasons, Slow Burn looked back at two of the biggest stories of the late 20th century—the Watergate scandal and the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Season three of the show tackles another: the murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.
Peter Adamson, Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich and at King's College London, takes listeners through the history of philosophy, "without any gaps". www.historyofphilosophy.net
A history podcast in which Rich & Tracy weave together a chronological narrative of the Civil War era. Visit us at www.civilwarpodcast.org
Philosophy Now
Podcasts from philosophynow.org, home of the most widely read philosophy magazine in the world, Philosophy Now.
Welcome to The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, where we give you insights into the mind, brain, behavior and creativity. Each episode we’ll feature a guest who will stimulate your mind, and give you a greater understanding of your self, others, and the world we live in. Hopefully, we’ll also provide a glimpse into human possibility! Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast.
History is full amazing stories. Join hosts Bryan Moriarty, Eric Bricmont, and Sarah Ashley as they explore the most inspirational, terrifying and hilarious events in history. Everything from the creation of the universe to the invention of Cheese in a Can and everything in between. Learn something new weekly by subscribing to the Nerd’s on History podcast.
Lexicon Valley
Lexicon Valley is a show about language, from pet peeves, syntax, and etymology to neurolinguistics and the death of languages. Hosted by linguist John McWhorter.
The Familiar Strange is a podcast about doing anthropology: that is, about listening, looking, trying out, and being with, in pursuit of uncommon knowledge about humans and culture. Find show notes, plus our blog about anthropology's role in the world, at https://www.thefamiliarstrange.com. Twitter: @tfsTweets. FB: facebook.com/thefamiliarstrange. Instagram: @thefamiliarstrange.Brought to you by your familiar strangers: Ian Pollock, Jodie-Lee Trembath, Julia Brown, Simon Theobald, Kylie Wong ...
Ridiculous History
History is beautiful, brutal and, often, ridiculous. Join Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown as they dive into some of the weirdest stories from across the span of human civilization in Ridiculous History, a podcast by iHeartRadio.
Listen, learn and laugh your ass off as Ray & Cam present a blow-by-blow version of the life of history’s most successful general and empire builder.
From Altruism to Wittgenstein, philosophers, theories and key themes.
History of Japan
This podcast, assembled by a former PhD student in History at the University of Washington, covers the entire span of Japanese history. Each week we'll tackle a new topic, ranging from prehistoric Japan to the modern day.
A Philosophy Podcast and Philosophy Blog
A fortnightly military history podcast looking at all aspect of war throughout the ages.
Historical themes, events and key individuals from Akhenaten to Xenophon.
The Psych Files
The Psych Files is a podcast for anyone who wonders why we do what we do. Experienced educator Michael Britt, Ph.D., in an upbeat and friendly style, shows you how ideas from the field of psychology apply to everyday life. If you’re a life-long learner, a student or a teacher, you’ll find his 20-30 minute episodes enjoyable and educational. Over 14 million episodes have been downloaded to date with over 100,000 people listening every month. See what all the talk is about!
A Way with Words is a fun and funny radio show and podcast about language. Co-hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett talk with callers from around the world about linguistics, slang, new words, jokes, riddles, word games, grammar, old sayings, word origins, regional dialects, family expressions, books, literature, folklore, and speaking and writing well. Email your language questions for the show to words@waywordradio.org. Or call with your questions toll-free *any* time in the U.S. and Can ...
AnthroPod is produced by the Society for Cultural Anthropology (http://www.culanth.org). Each episode, we explore what anthropologists and anthropology can teach us about the world and people around us.
Since 2010, The China History Podcast, presented by Laszlo Montgomery presents over two hundred episodes of curated topics from China's antiquity to modern times.
The History Chicks
Two women. Half the population. Several thousand years of history. About an hour.
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As extreme weather wreaks havoc around the globe we look at a natural disaster more than 200 hundred years ago that had far-reaching effects. This week, how the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Laki awed, terrified and disrupted millions around the world and changed the course of history.By NPR
These days it's impossible to speak about the mysteries of the pyramids without saying something about aliens from outer space. Thanks to the writings of authors like Eric Von Danieken and a slew of cheesy cable shows, the ancient astronauts hypothesis has thoroughly infected the popular understanding of the pyramids. Is there anything to these ...…
Shop Black Week is a campaign where everyone is encouraged to support a Black owned business between Nov 22-27. Check out this episode where you find out more details --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/EverydayBlackHistory/messageSuppo ...…
Robert Greene and his classic book The 48 Laws of Power is the focus on this episode of the work of as we explore some of the season one episodes of the Changing Minds with Owen Fitzpatrick podcast.By Owen Fitzpatrick
The lives of women at the turn of the 20th century were bound by strict social conventions and rules. These Australian stars of silent film defied most of them.By ABC Radio National
"I feel I may as well be blunt about this and tell you that at a very young age I was informed I was essentially a [x] baby. As I grew older, outside of the physical abuse I frequently dealt with, the most scarring for me was when "you're acting just like your father" or other such comments like that. It's something that truly plagues me and ha ...…
"I feel I may as well be blunt about this and tell you that at a very young age I was informed I was essentially a [x] baby. As I grew older, outside of the physical abuse I frequently dealt with, the most scarring for me was when "you're acting just like your father" or other such comments like that. It's something that truly plagues me and ha ...…
In this episode, I am joined by Jordan and Giffin from That's BS to discuss the idea of directionality in history. It was a fascinating discussion, and one I will be sure to return to many times.Find That's BS wherever you get podcasts or at https://thatsbs.fireside.fm/And of course, thank you to our supporters on Patreon. Please consider suppo ...…
November 20, 2019 Keri and Carter discuss social justice convergence at the ACLU and the recent fervor with which it promotes anti-scientific nonsense in the name of "woke" radical trans-activism.YouTube link to video version of this episode:https://youtu.be/PSGkxjYRh1wBy Unsafe Space
New details about Jeffrey Epstein, including his custom-made foam-mattress bedroom floor...The Feds finally arrest the two MCC guards NOT watching Epstein...And Blue Ivy Carter - the making of a billionaire brat. via KnitBy AJ Benza: Fame is a Bitch
To mark 400 years since the arrival of African slaves to America, David Olusoga reflects on the life of Sarah Forbes Bonetta. As a young Dahomeyan girl called Ina, she was old into slavery and, in an extraordinary twist of fate, was gifted to Queen Victoria and became her goddaughter Sarah Forbes Bonetta.Producer Neil McCarthy…
A whale sank the Essex on this day in 1820. There's more in the Sep. 27, 2010 episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisersBy iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks
We battle through the Trot-smorgasbord that is the end of Chapter 8: ’Political Consciousness’. Sophie puts Lexi on the leash....Panelists:Kyle - General Intellect UnitLexi Dog Robot - Swampside ChatsPouya - Machine nose expertSophie - Trans Trans Revolution
Juicy gossip has entertained us for centuries. But what happens when the rumor mill comes…for you? Chapter 1: The Rumor Mill Laci traces the origins of the gossip industry and shares some of her own experiences with rumors online. Chapter 2: #SaveMarinaJoyce Mass hysteria broke out online after Marina Joyce posted a video with an unblinking sta ...…
Grab your gigglewater and get ready to gab with your gals! Mini Gab is our new weekly minisode that will feature fun discoveries, history, and libraries in the news, and deeper dives into previous episodes! We will also be answering your questions! So be sure to send those in for next week!! This week we tackle a very overdue book, Little Rock ...…
Parasearch Radio is dedicated to bringing you the best in the paranormal field. Covering all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, spiritual, cryptozoology, ufology, conspiracy, folklore, occult, mythology, history and much much more. We bring you interviews from paranormal investigators, researchers, authors, spiritual workers and academics t ...…
KMO talks with Harvey J. Kaye, author of Take Hold of Our History: Make America Radical Again, about what it means to be radical and how Americans can empower themselves by re-connecting with our history of radical organizing and action. KMO makes reference to The Final Reflection, a Star Trek novel from 1985.…
This episode, Marky Star, Dr. Travis Seifman, and I continue our discussion of travel and tourism in premodern Japan. Support the podcast on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/samuraiarchives Shopping on Amazon.com? Use our link: http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&tag=samurai-20 Support this podcast: Samurai Archives Shop (T-Shirts, etc) http: ...…
Host Kevin O'Connor digs into the systems, structures and materials in our homes from unexpected angles. Why is the window the ultimate machine? What can Las Vegas teach us about lowering our water bills? How did the Great Chicago Fire change the way we frame houses today? You’ll hear from This Old House experts, as well as industry leaders, hi ...…
Host Kevin O'Connor digs into the systems, structures and materials in our homes from unexpected angles. Why is the window the ultimate machine? What can Las Vegas teach us about lowering our water bills? How did the Great Chicago Fire change the way we frame houses today? You’ll hear from This Old House experts, as well as industry leaders, hi ...…
John Sonmez is a tech author and personal development coach. A few weeks back he got mixed up in a social media mobbing, with hefty personal cost. We speak about the pandemic of "cancel culture" and victimhood mentality, and explore the stoic counter frame of reference. Here are some links to John's work. (And you can support my channel here.) ...…
Episode Notes We have a shorter episode as we finish off chapter 2 and have a much needed recap since it feels like we’ve been reading this book since the beginning of linear time. Logo by @commissartist on twitter go look them up if you need any sweet commissions or artwork by comrades for comrades reach out to them at commissartist@gmail.com! ...…
Innovation is a difficult thing to measure. But when the list of scientific, industrial, and commercial breakthroughs is as long as those credited to Bell Labs, one must recognize the truly groundbreaking run at the claim to have been, for a period arguably spanning at least 20 to 30 years, the most consistently innovative research center in th ...…
In this episode, we sit down with negotiation expert Misha Glouberman who explains how to talk to people about things — that is, how to avoid the pitfalls associated with debate when two or more people attempt to come to an agreement that will be mutually beneficial. Misha Glouberman teaches negotiation, both in the classroom and within organiz ...…
In this episode we explore prevalence induced concept change with psychologist David Levari. In a nutshell, when we set out to change the world by reducing examples of something we have deemed problematic, and we succeed, a host of psychological phenomena can mask our progress and make those problems seem intractable — as if we are only treadin ...…
On this episode, journalist Kate Leaver talks about her new book, The Friendship Cure: Reconnecting in the Modern World, in which she explores the crippling, damaging, life-threatening impact of loneliness and the severe mental health costs of living a life disconnected from a support network of close contacts. But…as she explains in the episod ...…
Thrift: Through the strictures of the global financial downturn and its aftermath citizens have been urged to ‘keep calm and carry on’. This slogan, first coined in the 1940s and revived in the 2000s, found its way into political rhetoric and popular culture. Laurie talks to Rebecca Bramall, lecturer in media and communications at the London Co ...…
Ben Monro-Davies is a journalist who has interviewed all the surviving participants of the cabinet meeting in which Margaret Thatcher announced her decision to resign. He and Dan listen to the recordings, and chat about their significance, and the way Mrs Thatcher and others responded to her fall from power. For ad free versions of our entire p ...…
We live in an age in which fabricated stories pulse through social media, fashionable startup companies are founded on swindles and, of course, politicians of all stripes routinely lie. Whatever happened to the idea that honesty is the best policy? Most people would recognize honesty as an obvious example of a moral virtue, but the...…
Comparing and contrasting some different methods for using visual constraints during practice, including stroboscopic training, spatial and temporal occlusion. What transfers to competition? Articles: Effects of Visual Control Training on the Shooting Performance of Elite Female Basketball Players The impact of a training intervention with spat ...…
In this episode, we explore what 'true character' means and how to identify, deal with and master the major personality types we encounter in the world. Apologies for the short notes – big changes are afoot at Voices in the Dark, which we'll be sharing with you soon! Be Silly. Be Kind. Be Weird.
As the 2019 impeachment proceedings continue, we take a look at its historic roots in ancient Rome, and the rationale the Founding Fathers gave for it in the United States.By Micah Hanks
This is an audio version of Sam Harris, consciousness & the transcendent, Jonathan Pageau & Jordan Hall which was published on the Rebel Wisdom YouTube site on October 28th 2019. What is the relationship between consciousness, religion & reality? Jonathan Pageau has a theory based on the phenomenology - birds-eye view - of consciousness itself. ...…
Parenting can be joyful, but, let’s be honest, it can also be a rough ride sometimes! We try to be good parents to our children and still discover that we feel we are falling short. Author and clinical expert, Dr. Susan Pollak, joins Yael for a discussion about how self-compassion can help you journey through parenting more effectively, confide ...…
Can a human fall in love with the Eiffel Tower or the Berlin Wall? Is it a mental disorder? Dr. Kirk Honda and Humberto talk about this rare phenomenon in which people have long-term romantic and sexual feelings for objects. Also, was Hustlers (2019) a movie about triumphant women or psychopathic criminals? Was Ad Astrum (2019) scientifically a ...…
Artist Stuart Semple talks about the transformative and therapeutic nature of art and the importance of expressing yourself.By therapylab
Concluding our double episode on the Asian Youth Movement and United Black Youth League in conversation with Tariq Mehmood. This episode Tariq tells the story of the sensational Bradford 12 trial, and explains how the organisations developed.Full show notes including sources, photographs and links to more information here on our website: https: ...…
Concluding our double episode on the Asian Youth Movement and United Black Youth League in conversation with Tariq Mehmood. This episode Tariq tells the story of the sensational Bradford 12 trial, and explains how the organisations developed.Full show notes including sources, photographs and links to more information here on our website: https: ...…
Today, Dr. Michelle Cameron (University of Toronto) shares her work in bioarchaeology, bone biomechanics and human ecology. We first speak broadly about human adaptability and the ways human bone may change shape in reaction to cultural and environmental influences over life. We then dig deeper into Michelle's work looking at skeletal and ecolo ...…
There have been many times over the last one hundred years where technology has changed the way we make music… Take the microphone, for example…before it came along, singers had to be naturally louder than the orchestra…they needed to have a voice that could reach the back rows of the theatre…but when the microphone came along, certain singers ...…
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