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Join us on the Badger Lodge Call In Show where I will give YOU the mic and ask that you respond to a video! This time we will be looking at the now viral G4TV video where feminist Frosk from G4TV rants about misogyny and sexism in her industry.By Honey Badger Brigade
This week, HBR Talk will unmask gynocentric female hypoagency addiction, a fundamental social underpinning of our society’s gender gap in personal accountability, through examination of its manifestation in a large, heated social media brawl.By Honey Badger Brigade
Join us on today's show as we respond to a recent video featuring Dr. Robert Malone on the Joe Rogan Experience where he discusses the topic of what he calls Mass Formation Psychosis. What the the perpetually blue pilled saying about this phenomenon?By Honey Badger Brigade
This week on HBR News we talk about the recent divorce settlement for Dr. Dre and Nicole Young, men are getting vasectomies to help fight abortion laws, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls the unvaccinated "misogynists" and "racists", and more!By Honey Badger Brigade
Join us on the Rantzerker with Alison, Brian and Karen as we finish looking at a video from HealthyGamerGG where he attempts to address the deadly and definitely prominent issue of misogyny in the gaming hobby. No, your calendar is not off, it is 2021 and there are still people talking like it's 2015.…
This week, HBR Talk will discuss the girlfriend argument and the influence of gynocentrism on the criminal justice system. Is the Ghislaine Maxwell case unusual, or is it just another run-of-the-mill example of a systemic problem that undermines female accountability in our society?By Honey Badger Brigade
Join us on today's show with Alison and Brian as we look at a video by a pretty large channel called Megan Moon where the host Megan tells us about her experience as a wife in South Korea, and what it taught her about marriage, specifically for women.By Honey Badger Brigade
It's that time of year again and feminists can't wait to find ways to ruin it! Join us as we have a chuckle at these listicles such as "5 Christmas movies feminists can watch without tearing their hair out" and "10 tips to enjoy a Feminist Christmas!" We are sure that this will be a good time full of joy, love and forgiveness!…
Internalized misogyny is more prevalent in our society than you might think at first glance. Research shows that many women regularly struggle with the negative psychological and physical impacts. But, how do you recognize when internalized misogyny is affecting your life? Read on for some signs of internalized misogyny that you may have missed. Ye…
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