Featuring not one but two 10"s for 2010! from Jan 6, 2010


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sandy bull - "gotta be juice (or it ain't love)" - demolition derby
bastards of love - "wheels of passion" - split 10" w. genevieve pasquier
robert calvert - "standing on the picket line" - freq
new asia - "gates" - gates
frak - "svett 2" - split lp with smea torba
xao seffcheque - "ein nacht in deutschland" - ja nein vielleicht
crocodile ride - "i feel love" - alvin lives in leeds (anti poll tax) comp.
yummy fur - "vacuum cleaner" - male shadow at three o'clock 10"
hank - "heswall disease" - 7"
Music behind DJ:
twin freaks - "agent cooper lorvr's coffee (moonlight night remix)" - agent cooper lorvr's coffee 12"
hysteria - "the maze" - behind the veil 12"
lungleg - "edith massey" - "hello sir" 12"
the charlottes - "love in the emptiness" - love in the emptiness 12" http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/34278

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