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About Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP Learn more about Lee Watts As Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Watts is responsible for the marketing, advertising and business development of Smith Gambrell. She works closely with the attorneys to develop and implement business development plans for practices, industries, and offices. [TRANSCRIPT] As Director of Marketing in Business Development, I handled both traditional marketing or what most people see as traditional marketing such as websites and brochures and things like that, emails and email lists and marketing communications. But also from the business development side, a large part of my job is making sure our attorneys collaborate and help sell each other. We have over 200 attorneys now in 8 offices, we have a ton of practices in each area. So, my job is to help people connect with us. As I help people connect with us, hopefully, the attorneys are able to better develop business and serve their clients better. So, that's the other side of the business development world. I believe that it's important, I always feel like the attorney's treat us as we are a vital part of the firm. I believe it's important because we realize that times are changing very quickly and our attorneys expect us to know more, know about them, know how to serve them, know how to present information in different ways to them. For example, as even doing video marketing, we understand that people consumed content in different ways and they need to know about the firm in different ways and so the firm sees marketing as valuable because they expect us to know that, they expect us to give them options on how to better serve and communicate with our clients. There is so much room for growth here. We are so open to new ideas and new things. I've worked at several law firms before coming to Smith Gambrell. I worked for small firms, mid-size and then a large firm. This by far has been my favorite place to work because just so open to growth, so collaborative, entrepreneurial. It's just such a wonderful place to come in and dig in and throw ideas out and just see who wants to run with it. I have attorneys coming to my office all the time with the fresh idea, a new idea. We may not be able to implement the idea but we talk it out until we come up with something that they're happy with. And there's not many checks and balances here, I do bounce things out of people, I do get approvals when needed. But for the most part, there's a-- just a spirit of "let's try it, let's do it." So, I really like that about the firm. [end] About Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP SGR is a full-service, international law firm that advises regional, national and global businesses on a wide range of legal matters. The firm’s more than 200 attorneys provide legal counsel in more than 45 specialized practice areas, including corporate transactions, litigation, intellectual property, aviation, banking, construction, and employment law. Founded in 1893, SGR has offices in Atlanta, Austin, Jacksonville, London, Munich, New York, Southampton, and Washington, D.C.

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