55: "Ask-the-Coach" Q&A: What is the Best Qualifying Question to Ask a Prospect?


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On today's Sales Integrity Podcast episode we feature our newer "Ask-the-Coach" Q&A format. I have received quite a few questions since unveiling this new format so I will answer another question today. Today's question comes from Dave Casey, CEO of Calvus Cloud (www.calvuscloud.com). Dave asks: "What is the single most important qualifying (not closing) question you can ask a prospective client?" Dave goes on to say "Expected answers are: "Do you have a budget for this?", "Do you feel our solution solves your business problem?", and the real $64,000 question; "Can we win this business?" If you are wondering the single greatest qualifying question you can ask prospects then you will want to listen to this episode to find out my answer!

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