Episode 10 - The Pillows & Pop Music


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This week, my good friend and fellow guitarist Josh Guardado (formerly of several successful El Paso based bands and most recently: Runner's High) and I are back at Radio Coffee & Beer Bar for a discussion on one of our common guilty (or maybe not so guilty pleasures) of: Pop Music! Not only do we cover some of Billboards Top 40 but start off with Josh's pick: the Japanese Pop Band, The Pillows. If there's one thing Josh and I agree on, it's that Pop music elevates the soul, releases your fears, and shines bright (like a diamond) even if for 3 minutes and 40 seconds at a time. Both lovers of the Top 40 Billboard Charts on a Karaoke night, we lean into & discuss pretty intricate perspectives on what Pop music is to us, and how marketing/the industry play it's part. I hope you all tune in and enjoy, this was a great one with some fun segments!

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