Cassi Jerkins talks “Beauty Pageant” (S2E3)


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Cassi Jerkins (Dumb Nerds) guests this week and we carefully judge this episode (Beauty Pageant) on it’s merits, not just because it’s the hot one! We talk about what our talents would be if we were in a beauty pageant, spoiler: we’re not sure we’re up for it! Plus Alyse admits to rummaging through people’s medicines cabinets, Stephen’s doctors think he’s a woman, and Cassi comes in with a hot take, Susan (the not hot one) ain’t that great! Finally we talk some good government news out of Nevada, where they’re making sure people drive fast, and we try to learn, WHO’S YOUR ANN! Season 2, Episode 3 - Beauty Pageant Written by Katie Dippold, directed by Jason Woliner Original Air Date: October 1, 2009 Pawnee Murals - Cast by Norman Dapito

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