005: 5 Lessons Learned From My First Surgical Airway


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Prehospital Surgical Airways: The Truth Behind the Procedure.

Very few paramedics have ever actually performed a surgical airway on a patient. In the past 15 years, I've met only a handful of paramedics who have utilized this skill. In fact, I've met more providers that tell me stories about patients they should have cric'ed, but didn’t, because they were either uncomfortable with the procedure or they feared a backlash from their peers and managers.

When we fail to perform a potentially life-saving intervention we’ve been trained to do (that is within our guidelines) it is imperative to ask why.

In this episode, I briefly explore why I feel “fears of backlash” surround the surgical airway and share with you 5 lessons I learned from my first field cric.

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