Episode 2: Children of a Lesser Elder God!


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Professor Michaels leads a brave team of explorers to the South Pole in search of an ancient and forbidden Idol *Hawk sound *Thunder sound

Will his quest for ancient, spooky-knowledge end in disaster? Well, I mean most likely, doesn't it always? Find out this and more in Children of a Lesser Elder God!

Inspired by the creepily insensitive flawed but wonderful tales of H.P. Lovecraft, Children of a Lesser Elder God is a first person descent into madness and bargain-priced Orca meat.


irected by Matt Kollar

Story by Colin Walker

Written by Colin Walker and Matt Kollar

Post-Production by Sneakthief Media

Engineered by Nathan Bowers

Original Score by Matt Kollar

Shamu-Shamu Theme by Brian Kelly


Professor Michaels - Robert Edward

Dr. Dussell - Nori Tecosky

Candy Cookie - Timmy Red

Dandy Apples - Steven Frankenfield

Pretty Petunia - Alie Nelson

Shamu Pirate - Mario Mendez

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