Abundance in the Midst of Life's Interruptions with Greg & Tracey Murtha


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When Greg (at 46, a father, a husband, a friend to many, at the height of his career) heard the words, "Mr. Murtha, you have cancer," he and his wife Tracey never realized how abundant life could be in the midst of a such a sobering interruption. With Stage IV Metastasized Cancer and facing death - Greg now confidently says, "I've never felt more alive." How is that possible? Join us and find out. “I’m thankful God used cancer to save me from myself... Frankly, I’ve discovered life is richer because of my interruption than it was without it. It leads me to places where there are people who need to receive what I have to share. It forces me to slow down and make eye contact with God. It makes me solely dependent upon him, and there’s not a better place to be.” gregmurtha.com

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