Awareness: Understanding the first key pillar to health | Ep. 60


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As Rebecca Coomes went through her SIBO treatment journey, she realised she needed to address more than just following a treatment protocol alone. She developed the 5 Key Pillars to Health. On today’s podcast, she discusses the first key pillar: Awareness, and why it is a fundamental first step to recovery from SIBO and IBS.

On today's podcast, Rebecca discusses:

✓ Understanding the 5 Key Pillars to Health

✓ Why Awareness is a fundamental first step to your recovery

✓ How to start becoming Aware

✓ Why the SIBO Causes and Risk Factors handout can help you to map your pathway to developing SIBO

✓ What to do when the Awareness becomes problematic

✓ How using Post Traumatic Stress Disorder techniques can help when you have SIBO

✓ Why using the Food and Mood Diary is an important step in improving your Awareness

✓ How meal planning can help you feel more in control and less stressed by your SIBO diet

✓ How to build a dream team and why you don’t need to know everything

✓ Special call in from Lisa Stephenson

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