Ennead V by Plotinus


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This fifth of the six Enneads (????????) written by Plotinus (????????); arranged by Porphyry (?????????) and translated by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie contains the following nine books:

1. The Three Principal Hypostases, or Forms of Existence (0:00:00)

2. Of Generation, and of the Order of things that Rank Next After the First (0:51:53)

3. The Self-Consciousnesses, and What is Above Them (1:00:08)

4. How What is After the First Proceeds Therefrom; of the One (2:22:52)

5. That Intelligible Entities Are Not External to the Intelligence of the Good (2:34:54)

6. The Superessential Principle Does Not Think (3:34:46)

7. Do Ideas of Individuals Exist (3:54:35)

8. Concerning Intelligible Beauty (4:05:30)

9. Of Intelligence, Ideas and Essence (5:08:23)

Painting: The Angel of Death by Émile Jean-Horace Vernet.

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