Alain Palinsky, Founder of Kollectiv


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A self-proclaimed “student of life”, Alain Palinsky is the epitome of work in progress, in the best sense of that description. He is constantly working to improve himself personally and that translates directly into how his business runs today, in a constant state of service to it’s customers.

Well known as the co-founder of Juice Press, a national juice bar chain, Alain is now the owner of Kollectiv, a wellness space located in the Bowery of New York City offering all kinds of bio-hacking, healing, and well-being improving products and services.

In this conversation you will learn how Alain got involved with juicing and wellness after a career in hedge funds, how Alain sustains an unorthodox company culture, the reality of investments and money, and more!

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Topics discussed in this conversation include:

  • How Alain got involved with juicing and creating Juice Press

  • Kollectiv – what is it and how it came to be

  • Serving a need and how consumers dictate what a business provides

  • How the Kollectiv has evolved since 2015

  • Partnerships with wellness brands such as Alchemist Kitchen, Higher Dose, Kryo Lounge etc

  • Being unorthodox and trying to instill corporate culture

  • Customer Service goals

  • Alain’s self-serving inspiration for starting businesses

  • Why Alain doesn’t consider business in general to be conscious

  • What failure Alain is learning from the most

  • How lack of choices force you to grow in life

  • What makes Alain and his businesses conscious enterprises

  • How the Kollectiv’s wellness vendors are selected

  • Alain’s commitment to wellness

  • Alain’s backstory from being an athlete, nutrition, training, to getting into the finance industry and working for Hedge Funds

  • Bringing the Juice Press idea from Miami

  • Alain’s inconsistent morning rituals

  • Acting and how acting brings Alain back to himself

  • Money & Capital

  • How to attracting the right money is a challenge

  • Law suit situations

  • The reality of investments

  • How good are you at failure?

  • Consciousness in business partnerships

  • Valuing success

  • How people project their own perceptions onto your situation

  • Valuable advice for entrepreneurs

  • Lessons from acting school

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