Narcolepy 360: Julie Flygare


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Julie Flygare is an author, Founder, CEO & President of Project Sleep, an advocate and a person with narcolepsy. She started the Narcolepsy Not Alone Campaign, the Jack and Julie Scholarships for college-age students with narcolepsy and the Rising Voices of Narcolepsy Program.

In this episode, Julie shares her diagnosis story which led her to change her career trajectory and embark on becoming a vocal advocate for people with narcolepsy. Her advocacy has allowed her to write a memoir, found a non-profit, work in the public policy space, create international social campaigns, and develop programs that empower other pwns to become advocates. She also shares the exciting upcoming World Narcolepsy Day launch which takes place September 22, 2019.

This episode is jam-packed with information about the programs and support Project Sleep is currently offering. Julie and Claire discuss what is going on with federal funding for sleep and narcolepsy research. How to use social media as an advocate, and what it’s like to write a memoir!

It was such a pleasure to hear Julie's story and work. You can follow Julie at @REMRunner on Instagram & Twitter and @JulieFlygareAuthor on Facebook. You can learn more about advocacy work at You can also follow Project Sleeps efforts at @project_sleep on Instagram & Twitter and @ProjectSleepAwareness on Facebook. You can learn more about the programs, initiatives, and support Project Sleep offers at

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