#33 Vegan comedian Carl Donnelly, Bristol Animal Rights, our 25th anniversary party plans, and KFC's new 'Imposter' Burger.


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In this episode, we take you along on the Bristol Animal Right March, featuring a speech from Juliet Gellatley. We interview Carl Donnelly — vegan comic and headliner for our . Kris catches up with our campaigns team on the success of our and the Viva! team discuss the recent KFC Imposter Burger and its effectiveness in saving animals. LINKS AND MORE. - Latest vegan news including an update on our , with actor Peter Egen. - : we had loads of fantastic discussions with the British public, we include some of our favourites and an interview with Viva! Campaigner, Laura Hellwig. - Kris chairs a discussion with some of the Viva! team about the new KFC Imposter Burger. - Gavin Chappell-Bates hosts his regular dedicated music feature, this month sitting down with Ben Denny Mo. - The Viva! team attends the hugely successful Animal Rights March in Bristol ABOUT OUR SHOW. You can hear this show via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and on lots of other apps and websites. Spread the word! Don't forget to share us on Facebook and Twitter! Get the latest episode every month, straight to your mobile device or computer. It's automatic and completely free. Copyright owned by Viva! Bristol 2019. Not for re-use without our written agreement. All featured music used by permission. Produced by EMC, the Easy Media Company.

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