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Kayla Douglas, known as @nomadnarcolepsy on Instagram, is a person with narcolepsy, a narcolepsy life coach and an extensive world traveler!

In this episode, Kayla details her childhood with narcolepsy that led to diagnosis. As a child, she loved to read about the world and in her mind, she traveled all over. It was in college that she was able to make that dream a reality through studying abroad. After that first bit of travel she was motivated to travel more and boy did she travel!

It wasn’t until she left the US to work in Spain, she realized she wasn’t thriving despite being on medication and managing symptoms. With the help of a doctor, she was able to reduce her medication by changing her diet and implementing other stress-relieving practices.

To date, Kayla has traveled to AT LEAST 22 countries! Also, she is currently medication free. Kayla offers advice on how to travel with narcolepsy, and now is offering life coaching services to people with narcolepsy.

You can follow Kayla at @nomadnarcolepsy on Instagram and Facebook. You can learn more about her coaching services and read her blog at

Kayla recommends Positively Narcolepsy facebook group and Going Beyond Coping blog, in her words, “As they have helped me so much with keeping a positive attitude and finding the most creative little life hacks.” She also recommends Gina Denis, aka Madcap Narcolepsy, if you're interested in learning more about the ketogenic diet. She also recommends the Rising Voices of Narcolepsy Program facilitated by Project Sleep. Because of Rising Voices, she felt empowered to publish this first writing piece - Scared of the Dark: The Narcolepsy Symptoms that Nobody Talks About.

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