54: Which Wolf Are You Feeding?


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Which wolf are you feeding? Which wolf are you giving your most energy to every day? What do I mean by this? Please let me explain. You have a black and a white wolf that lives within you. The black wolf is the part of you that will choose to numb out with wine, food, technology, sex and so on. It’s the part of you that won’t do what is nourishing for your body, mind, and spirit. While the other wolf (the white wolf) is the part of you that knows you’re worthy of true nourishment and you know what you need to give yourself. The wolf that you chose to give energy to is the wolf that wins. You can’t get rid of the black wolf. She will always be there. Just like you can’t get rid of the white. She too will always be there but you will only see a small part of her if you are choosing to feed the black wolf most of the time. You also can’t deny or disown the dark/black wolf. You must accept this part of yourself. You must listen to her but you can choose whether you’re going to go down the black wolf rabbit hole.

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