116: How to Find People Who Want To Do Business With You and Turn Connections into Clients


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How do you find people who want to do business with you and turn connections into clients?

It’s possible to create a waitlist of prospects ready to buy your product or service without you having to do a lot of marketing and scrambling.

Every day members of the HerBusiness Network are doing exactly that and generate tens of thousands of dollars in business.

And all without having to spend a whole lot of time and money.

In this episode, we share a four-part system - The Connection Statement™ Formula - our using our unique way to turn your connections into clients by demonstrating your value and positioning your business.


Have you ever asked someone what they do… and then five minutes later, they're still talking, but they haven’t really engaged your interest, they haven't made a strong connection with you?

So now your eyes are glazed over and you’re looking at how you can make a quick exit from this conversation?

When you don’t have a way to communicate what you do in terms of how you help others, you can lose the connection even before you’ve established it… throwing yourself right into isolation.

You really want to be able to communicate your value in a way that instantly creates a connection.

This is one of the most important moments in creating any connection.

So, we’re going to help you get this dialled in with a really easy-to-follow system and a bonus download for you.

And while at first this process might seem fairly straightforward, naturally embedded in the process, are four key elements that are going to form an important foundation for you…

Take a listen.

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