India and the Circular Economy (Part 2): Examples from the Off-Grid Solar Industry with Lucyl Staub


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It’s time for the second and final episode in our two-part series on the circular economy in India. Last week we were joined by a special guest host, Lucyl Staub to learn about the current state of India and the circular economy. This week, Lucyl returns to guide us through conversations with experts to discover more about the future of circular economy in India. As part of looking ahead, Lucyl also investigates the off-grid solar industry in India, looking at how to encourage the repair, reuse, and remanufacturing of off-grid solar panels.

This two-part special makes a great follow up to Episode 005’ Why Asia is Key to the Future of Circular Economy with Adrienna Zsakay’. You can find Adrienna’s episode as well as links to other resources mentioned in this episode in the show notes on our website at

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