William Levy: A Rebel With A Cause


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Actor William Levy has a new film out called 'En Abrazos de un Asesino' (8:02) which he co-wrote, produced and stars in. It’s like James Bond meets John Wick, but in Mexico. In our interview, Levy got raw and direct about how the Latino market and Hollywood once told him he was never going to succeed because of his Cuban accent and how he didn't look "Latino" enough play a Latino. Much of these experiences marked him, to the point where he created a production company with the purpose of hiring Latinx actors with all types of accents, and, to develop Spanish language movies for Spanish language viewers like his mother and grandmother who don’t understand English.

"Jacked In" Weekly News Recap (6:28)

Music Playlist (26:57)

Barro En Los Pies - Polock (feat. IZAL)

FuckHim - Girl Ultra (feat. Ximena Sariñana)

Mala Manera - Juanes

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