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Hi everyone! We are once again at the end of a whole year. After having “end of the year episodes” with other podcasters, going around the world, and chatting with Andy and Robert, we decided to try something different this time: we asked a group of data visualization professionals to send us an audio snippet summarizing what happened in specific areas of the field over the last year. The result is a great multifaceted collage of stories and personalities. See below who we have interviewed and what they talked about.

Happy New Year! Thanks so much for listening to the show. We’ll see you in 2020 with a whole set of great new episodes!

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Alberto Cairo on Data literacy

Amelia Wattenberger on Learning data visualization from a newcomer’s perspective

  • Data visualization society
  • Figma (UI design tool)
  • Lots of free tutorials and ways to get started in data viz
    • Amelia’s bird’s eye view of the library
  • Challenge: awareness about where data comes from!
    • The erroneousness of considering data as “facts”
    • Show how data can be biased or misconstrued

Andy Kirk on Data tools

David Bauer on Data Journalism

Elijah Meeks on Data viz within the industry

  • Data visualization hitting the mainstream
  • First datavis president / Trump interested in the actual chart
  • Michelle Rial / beyond coffee table books / “Data Humanism”
  • Giorgia Lupi and her fashion line
  • Data vis no longer only a supplemental skill
    • DVS has 10000 members!
    • Tableau and Looker acquisition
    • Technical maturity of viz
  • No longer see the development of many new types of visualizations, we are more optimizing what we have
  • Not only limited to technical people

Jen Christiansen on Science communication

Jessica Hullman on Viz research

Lauren Klein on Data ethics

Book: Data Feminism, by Catherine d’Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein

Maarten Lambrecht on Xenographics

  • Some of the charts in the xenographics collection pop up in the wild
  • Unsolved issue: data visualisation in education, both at lower as in higher levels of education
  • Tools: RAWGraphs

Maral Pourkazemi on Diversity and inclusion

  • Gender diversity in the field (women in the field lead a lot!)
  • More empowered. Taken more into consideration.

Mitchell Whitelaw on Viz localism

Paolo Ciuccarelli on Visualization & design

  • Interest in design as a discipline
  • Shift towards the human
  • Automating design
  • Data literacy
  • Tools: Raw Graphs (fundraising for v2.0)

Thomas Dahm on Data viz conferences


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11. Maarten Lambrechts (01:05:05)

12. Maral Pourkazemi (01:12:00)

13. Mitchell Whitelaw (01:21:06)

15. Thomas Dahm (01:34:44)

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