Episode 9: Teacher Burnout, Are you at Risk? Part 1 of the Helper's Risk Trifecta


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Burnout is at an all-time high, with nearly half of teachers leaving the profession in the first 5 years and over 90% feeling high levels of stress.
This episode will be the first in a three-part series addressing what I coined the risk trifecta: burnout, compassion fatigue and secondary trauma.
I will share enlightening stats on teacher stress and how to address and prevent burnout.
If you want to learn more, join me in the Compassionate Educators Facebook group were I will host a live training every Sunday this month on the risk trifecta.
Alternatively, join me in person at the Wisconsin School Counselor Association Conference in February where Tessa Thompson and I will be presenting on work-life balance and the risk trifecta.
Enjoy the show.
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