We Trim the Grass (is that a saying?) with Team MowBot Captain Craig Danby


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This week on the podcast, Team MowBot captain Craig Danby! We talk about his very long history in combat robotics, what it’s like competing on Robot Wars versus BattleBots, and his plans for the now confirmed 2020 season of the show.

Marc Thorpe’s GoFundMe campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/f/marc-thorpe039s-fight-against-parkinson039s

This week’s combat robotics event calendar!

Feb. 14-16

Harrisburg, PA


Fairyweights to 30-pound sportsmen bots, with bonus Roomba combat

Organized by the Northeast Robotics Club


Feb. 15

Lakeland, FL

Firefights: NRL Southeastern Regional Championship


Organized by the National Robotics League


Feb. 15 and 16

Stuart, FL

SBoMD: Fair Fights IV

Fairyweights, antweights, beetleweights and 15-pound dogeweights

Organized by KurTrox and Treasure Coast Makerspace


Feb. 16

Bristol, UK

Bristol Bot Builders Beetle Champs 2020


Organized by Bristol Bot Builders


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