77: Increase Your Immunity with Dr. Serena Goldstein


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We are in an unknown that we have never experienced before and WE are all experiencing it together. Tune into this new episode to boost your immunity for mind, body, and spirit. A power-packed episode where we share our top 7 areas to focus on for mind, body, health, and energy while navigating the new waters of quarantine and how you can increase Your immunity during this experience. We blend together the physiological and metaphysical aspects for homeostasis to offer a full spectrum of support guiding you to “pay attention.” Let’s not project into the future and choose to be present to cultivate power from within where we tune into the calm. We share tips on healthy foods, sugar intake, mindset, movement, meditation, astrology and the power of water and sleep in a way that is not overwhelming. Staying present and unplugging from the external stressors will set you free and allow you the space you need to heal and ascend from the current climate. We are in an opportunity to reprogram and recalibrate to leave self-sabotaging in the past. Now is a time to awaken to love and lead with your heart. Who do you want to be and how do you wish to express yourself? Grab your journal and pen to take some notes and let us know what you choose to integrate. Make sure to connect with Dr. Serena here: www.drserenagoldstein.com Plus connect with us on IG for follow up LiVe Q&A APRIL 1ST at 7pm EST Instagram.com/drserenag www.instagram.com/jessicavalorlove

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