EP- 49 ⚡Essentials: What's Important, Now!? + ⚡Useful Post-Pandemic Tips/Skills⚡ to Keep it Calm + on Top


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Things that matter right now!

  • Running water
  • Food - cook my recipes :)
  • Health
  • Family + Friends + their love and affection
  • Listen, love and share more kindness//empathy

Useful Post Pandemic Tips:

Practice and note more with action and with time//space, but **actually use them** + take notes!





- if you have nothing to do: go study//educate yourself with books//classes: volunteer or intern at this time! be of service to others, unpaid, its so good to gain SKILLS right now.

- how can I start a business during this time? How will I survive?

- take care of others with dignity, respect and honor -- let's be part of the solution!

- Answering all your crazy Q's from IG!

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