How Educators React to Crisis, with Jennifer McCarville


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The COVID-19 Crisis Had a Huge Impact on Early Childhood Education

High schools and colleges these days commonly use distance learning as a routine part of their work to educate their students. But preschools and elementary schools don't often use these technologies or even have practical ways to do so.

When the COVID-19 virus caused schools to shut down, early childhood teachers and schools were forced to figure out how they were going to keep educating their kids, and for the private schools, how they were going to survive.

Jennifer McCarville runs a wonderful pre-K through 3rd grade school in Helotes, Texas, called Marvelously Made. They were especially hard hit, because they were a no-screen school. So when their school was forced to send all the kids home, they had to figure out how to honor their mission, help their kids, and save the school.

This is an inspiring and lovely story, and is a great example of how dedicated, smart teachers rise to the occasion when their children need them most.

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