Kelly Noonan Gores, Film Director and Producer, on Healing Your Body with Your Mind


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“Do we love ourselves enough to make the changes and honor our bodies to do what they are designed to do?”

  • What Kelly has been learning about what is happening with our planet (0:55)
  • What happens when our bodies are in a constant state of fear and stress (7:05)
  • How to think of COVID-19 as a pivotal change in how we deal with mental and physical health (9:30)
  • Kelly’s daily routine during the pandemic for supporting her health (13:39)
  • How to think of this pandemic like the transformation a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly (25:45)
  • How we can change the corporate effect on healing our planet (30:20)
  • What Kelly discovered about herself while making the Heal documentary (36:15)
  • What it’s been like for Kelly to publish her new book (51:19)

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