EP175 - Can Prescription Medications Cause Sexual Dysfunction? with Amir Mohebbi


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Welcome to episode 175 of the Sexology Podcast! Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Amir Mohebbi to the podcast. In this episode Amir speaks with me about sex and medicine, looking at the side effects medications can have on your sex life and how to approach this issue with your physician.

Amir Mohebbi is a proud Iranian-American currently completing his psychiatry residency at St. Louis University. He trained under mentorship from world-renowned forensic psychiatrists, Drs. William J. Newman and Brian J. Holoyda, whom co=authored a review related to his interests in sleep medicine and forensics entitled “Sexsomnia as a Defense in Repeated Sex Crimes”.

Amir presented his work alongside an expert panel consisting of forensic psychiatrists at the American Psychiatric Association 175th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. He earned his medical degree from St. Louis University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of California, Irvine.

In This Episode You Will Hear:

  • How common is it for anti-depressants to cause issues with sexuality?
  • Learning to accept medication as part of your sexual makeup
  • Taking a look at psychiatric medicines
  • Do men and women get the same side effects from medication?
  • How sex and masturbation can be used as a coping strategy
  • Looking at the side effects medicine can have on your sex life
  • The importance of finding the correct information in this area
  • How to approach this issue with a physician

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