34: From High School Grad Selling Knives to Full Time E-commerce and Instagram Coach.📲


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Early 2020, at a ClickFunnels conference, I met today’s guest: Derek Videll. The cool part about this situation was that we both started talking about things we had in common like: sales finals, marketing, social media, and mentorship. Derek was someone I wanted to connect with immediately. After a few months, Derek and I talked about the possibility of recording a podcast together. He has built two e-commerce businesses, and is currently an Instagram coach for entrepreneurs. He has worked his way up from graduating high school and not knowing what to do, to not only quitting his day job and living the laptop life, but also helping hundreds of people around the world do the same. Get ready to get some value on how to build your brand online, how to get over your mental obstacles, and how to find success through Instagram.

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