TOW Sexy Phlegm and Low-Key Stalking


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S04E05 - TOW Joey’s New Girlfriend

aka TOW Sexy Phlegm and Low-Key Stalking

Signature Beverage: Sexy Flame

00:07:05 — Monica’s cute new haircut is very 1997 Drew Barrymore

00:07:48 — Rachel’s reading a book called Anthem, written by Jennifer Aniston’s real-life friend

00:10:23 — Will we ever be able to feel safe sneezing in public again?

00:13:15 — The Birthday Saga

00:14:46 — Enter … Kathy! Played by guest star Paget Brewster!

00:17:57 — Kathy brilliantly calling a spade a spade and breaking the ice between her and Chandler

00:22:22 — The wonder that is QVC

00:25:22 — Kathy’s overly flirtatious leg placement

00:33:24 — The Commodore 64

00:38:25 — Lisa Kudrow and Steve Carell team up for the new Space Force series on Netflix

00:46:30 — An entire scene deleted from the network version … and it involves Die Hard!

00:50:40 — Is Rachel being sarcastic when she says she’s soooo going to marry Josh?

00:55:25 — The debate about The Noble Stalker trope we see in romantic comedies

01:07:57 — How not fun it is to hear other people “canoodling”

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