Hydrogen SIBO with Dr Allison Siebecker | Ep. 83


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Leading SIBO specialist, Dr Allison Siebecker joins Rebecca Coomes in this 2-part podcast series to discuss the two most common types of SIBO. In today's episode they discuss Hydrogen dominant Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

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In Today's Episode:

  • What is hydrogen SIBO?
  • What are the common symptoms and how do they differ to other types of SIBO?
  • What happens when you have abnormal symptoms for hydrogen SIBO?
  • How you treat hydrogen SIBO: antibiotics, herbal antimicrobials and the Elemental Diet
  • What dosages are the most effective?
  • Why managing diarrhoea is so important
  • When is the right time to test for SIBO?
  • What symptoms you should watch out for prior to testing to know it's the right time to test
  • Why abnormal episodes of diarrhoea can give you a false negative breath test result
  • When to use electrolytes
  • Why activated charcoal is so useful
  • Should you tailor your SIBO diet if you have hydrogen SIBO?

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Resources and Handouts Mentioned in Today's Podcast

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