Remote Work: The Past, The Present & The Future with Laurel Farrer


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In this episode, Anja talks to Laurel Farrer, CEO of Distribute Consulting, and a true remote work advocate. Laurel reflects about the time 13 years ago when she had to "hide" that she doesn't have an office and highlights the differences between "then" and "now". She also discusses why building a good team culture is the foundation of a successful company and why the emerging Head of Remote position is necessary for the future of remote work. During the conversation, Anja and Laurel talk about how formal education is shaping to be inclusive and why remote work has major socioeconomic benefits for the global workforce.
About the speaker: Laurel Farrer is a Distributed Operations Consultant that collaborates with the world's top remote-friendly companies to strengthen virtual communication, streamline digital processes, and develop long-distance management strategies.

About the company: Distribute Consulting is empowering governments and businesses to distribute the benefits of remote work.

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