Episode 125: Moses Sumney, Phoebe Bridgers, Pale Fire, Made of Stone, Kamara Thomas, Bloods, Shamir, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Eli Gauden, Deadname, Will Stewart, Mountain Time, R McClure and Tall Shadows, Clementine Was Right, UPSTATE, Ameena Sharif, Risa K


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This episode is going to be more dreamy and pop-oriented than usual. We’ll also get back to shorter episodes starting in July now that music is being released more regularly and I have less of a backlog. All Patreon, Ko-fi, and SubmitHub proceeds for July and August will go to the Trans Justice Funding Project so be sure to subscribe!
  1. Moses Sumney -- “Polly” (grae)
  2. Phoebe Bridgers -- “Halloween” (Punisher)
  3. Pale Fire -- “Husbands” (Single)
  4. Made of Stone -- “Seasons” (Single)
  5. Kamara Thomas -- “You Wreck Me” (Earth Hero -- on harddrive)
  6. Bloods -- “Some Girls are Bigger Than Others” (Seattle)
  7. Shamir -- “Feminine Guy” (Cataclysm)
  8. Jasmine Dreame Wagner -- “Switchblade Moon” (Switchblade Moon)
  9. Eli Gauden -- “Always Hungry (Asking For More)” (Call My Name)
  10. Deadname -- “Hogtied” (Demonstrations)
  11. Will Stewart -- “Southern Raphael” (Way Gone)
  12. Mountain Time -- “Rosemary, Etc.” (Music For Looking Animals)
  13. R McClure and Tall Shadows -- “Sweet Thing!” (Single)
  14. Clementine Was Right -- “Outside of Reno” (Lightning & Regret)
  15. UPSTATE -- “Everything Changes” (Single)
  16. Ameena Sharif -- “Farewell To My Man” (Single)
  17. Risa Kopp -- “Ransom Paid” (Single)
  18. David Starling -- “Cowards” (Single)
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