Ep 6: The Five Pillars – Legacy Planning


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Our Cornerstone Retirement Blueprint Process is focused around 5 key pillars of retirement planning designed to help our clients achieve the retirement they have always dreamed of. On this episode, we’ll explain the fifth and final pillar in our process: legacy planning.

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1:16 – Legacy planning is often not even on someone’s radar when planning begins.

2:16 – What does the conversation usually look like with clients?

4:30 – What percentage are interested in leaving a legacy?

5:52 – The basic mistakes we see people make.

8:31 – The Stretch IRA is gone now thanks to the SECURE Act.

11:03 – No trust or will is another big mistake.

12:53 – What role does the advisor play with the estate planning attorney?

15:13 – An example of how this relationship works.

15:46 – Anthony shares a client example of how we helped them with this pillar.

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