How to Increase Leads Using Colour


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Why does the NHS use blue? Why did BP spend $200 million on a rebranding project? Why do so many startups piggyback the imagery of more established brands?

This podcast answers all of your questions about colour.

Joined by Exposure Ninja's Project Manager, Joe, we learn about the psychology of colour and how the tones you choose can impact your conversion rate.

As well as completing an undergraduate degree on the subject, Joe is now writing his masters dissertation on colour's effect on purchasing intent. With an interest in doing a doctorate on the topic, this podcast digs deep into Joe's specialism. After all, it's a field that should be at the forefront of every brand manager's mind.

From busting common colour myths to cringing at cultural faux pas', this episode is packed with actionable tips and advice to simplify your next branding project. Whether you want to build website credibility, increase click-through-rate or craft scroll-stopping adverts, correct use of colour will help you to achieve these goals.

Does green really mean go? Will orange encourage others to take action? Or are these colour cliches the equivalent of old wives tales?

Find out exactly how to pick a colour palette for your brand that's effective, instantly recognisable and aligned with your industry.

As our host Mark says, this episode is absolute gold. Pun intended.

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0:00 — What's your role at Exposure Ninja?

2:10 — How did you get into colour psychology?

3:19 — What piqued your interest to study this field?

4:20 — Colour cliches

9:50 — Colour and branding

13:44 — Colour in website creation

18:23 — How important is high contrast?

20:14 — Common colour mistakes

22:00 — Colour and cultural faux pas

24:20 — How to build trust with colour

25:30 — Colour and advertising

27:25 — Key takeaways

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