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This week’s guest is Mark Metry, a dude who straight up makes me feel lazy. Mark went from dealing with severe social anxiety and reaching a dark point where he contemplated ending his life to overcoming that same social anxiety and writing a book called “Screw being Shy.” He also founded a company called VU dream, hosts a global top 100 podcast called Humans 2.0, is a global speaker, and is on an Amazon Prime DocUseries “The Social Movement.”

If that wasn’t enough, he’s also a podcast strategist, has his own LinkedIn consulting course, and has many projects in the works - and has accomplished all this at the age of 22! More important than all these titles though, Mark gives a voice to those who don’t have one. It was enlightening getting to chat with him about overcoming social anxiety and how it’s one of the deadliest mental health disorders. We also talked about the connection between your gut microbiome and how what you eat directly affects how you feel. Finally, we also discussed his podcasting journey and tips for people in the space.

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