The Happy Pill, Cardio Timing & The Science-Backed Body Image Booster


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• Is inflammation the REAL reason everyone's pissed off these days? We talk about how combatting it (with this stuff) will make you a happier, more relaxed person.
• If muscle growth is your main goal, when should you do cardio? Take the quiz on exercise, fitness, lifting and weed.
• What's the best science-backed solution for feeling better about your body? Hint: it won't just brainwash you with baseless affirmations, it'll turn you into a stronger, more confident, sexier beast.
• What zero-carb snack do you need to shove in your face? They're also surprisingly low fat... if you're concerned about that too.
• What bad-ass TV show do you need to start watching right now? Listener, be warned: It's addicting!
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