#S2E11 Shelf Impactors™ Sustainability and Brand (New World)


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#S2E11 Shelf Impactors™ 'Sustainability and Brands in the New World' with Mark Grey and Lisa Hastings For most brands surviving through the Covid 19 crisis, it has meant many of their own values have had to be assessed and their communication around 'sustainability' has had to either be muted or dropped completely. Mark and Lisa discuss what brands are doing on the subject and how the focus on economical survival and regeneration might see a seismic shift across the board in the scale of communication around 'sustainability' in months to come post Pandemic! 1. Bold Pivots - Is it a wise choice to ‘pivot’ your brand and harness opportunities to address Covid and it's aftermath? - Some brands pivoting to score PR points, many are doing it out of sheer commercial necessity! 2. The Sustainability message pre and post Covid. - Has the ‘message’ changed or taken a back seat to many brands just fighting to survive? 3. Brands communicating the message of sustainability well right now! --------------------------------- Additional reference links: Sustainability as a service: https://trendwatching.com/quarterly/2020-02/the-future-of-purpose/ Beauty Behaviours during lockdown (Podcast hosted by Andrew McDougall): https://www.mintel.com/blog/beauty-market-news/podcast-beauty-behaviours-during-lockdown Meet the 2020 consumers driving change https://www.ibm.com/downloads/cas/EXK4XKX8 Bold Pivot https://makeshift.trendwatching.com/bold-pivots/ --------------------------------- Lisa Hastings: LinkedIn - @lisahastings Twitter - @shoebox20 Instagram - @shoebox20 www.lisahastings.me/ Mark Grey: Website - www.bluenectardesign.co.uk Twitter - @bluenectar Instagram - @bluenectardesign LinkedIn - Mark Grey

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