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We're joined by one of our good friends and incredibly positive/motivational graphic designer, Ellen Hope from @mynames_ellen! Ellen has carved out a niche on Instagram for her positive quotes and colourful graphics centred around normalising Mental Health struggles and aiming to reduce the stigma around Mental Health. Ellen opens up about her own Mental Health struggles in the past and how she draws from those experiences to create positive and motivational graphics.
We talk a lot about self-care and how that can help us feel better about ourselves. We debate how once mundane day-to-day tasks, such as brushing your hair, have now become self-care rituals in the age of lockdown (or at least, for Bari, haha).
Ellen's recipe for self-care includes:
1. a ounce of fresh air
2. a spoonful of creativity
3. a sprinkle of kindness
4. a sprig or two or support
5. a dollop of self-love
Sophie's skincare routine, her cup of herbal tea, time spent outdoors, and anything that involves bear are her preferred form of self-care (and a massage!). On the other hand, Bari prefers her morning coffee, her knitting, and a scolding hot shower (normal?).
Other topics we discuss:
-how creative outlets can aid in our mental health
-the power of cooking from scratch
-why it's important to recognise that positive self-talk is everything
-how the importance of balance transcends from nutrition to everyday life
-a lack of overnight success does not equal failure
Follow Ellen on Instagram @myname_ellen and shop her Esty page here.
If you are struggling with your Mental Health, please check out the following charities for additional support during this time: www.mind.org.uk, anxiety.org.uk, thecalmzone.net, menshealthforum.org.uk
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