The Slow Music Movement Radio Show #51


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From cosmic American to Celtic folk, Balearic bits, Japanese pop and killer new jazz fusions via all sorts of weird and wobbly wonders.
J.H. Guraj - Introspection (Maple Death Records)
Cinder Well - No Summer (Free Dirt)
Constant Follower - Set Aside Some Time (Bandcamp)
Art Feynman - Nancy Are You Hiding In Your Work (Western Vinyl)
Mandroid - Cruel Summer (The Slow Music Movement)
Shiwashiwa - New Hometown (Primordial Void)
Takuya Kuroda - Change (First Word)
Otis Sandajo - Fruehling (We Jazz)
Gianni Brezzo - The End Of (Papercup)
Numun - Voyage Au Soleil (Bandcamp)
JUNA - Haiku (Apersonal)
Eddie Chacon - My Mind is Out of Its Mind (Day End)
Statues - Lele (Eclectics)
Reuben Vaun Smith - Open Chakras (Soundway)

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