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Colin is the best-selling astrologer behind Queer Cosmos and we had a wide-ranging, hilarious conversation about:

  • Spirituality is love and is expressed as relationships with others
  • The transformational power of A Course in Miracles in Colin’s spiritual life
  • A compact and helpful lesson in the many facets of astrology
  • The means by which the Universe sends us messages and learning the difference between how fear and love show up for us
  • How astrology can help us expand and grow, rather than to shore up the ego
  • Plus, Colin helps Kyley (Taurus) and Eva (Capricorn) both make peace with their sun signs

"Spirituality to me is the path of the heart. The arena by which it shows up most effectively is in my relationships with others."

-Colin Bedell

"It’s the inner knowing. And I think what has helped me understand that voice accurately is meditation, prayer, contemplation, forgiveness and gratitude. It's the unlearning of fear."
-Colin Bedell
"It’s not hard to be a loving person. It’s just hard to do things differently. It’s the resistance to doing things differently that’s the difficult aspect."
-Colin Bedell
Queer Cosmos


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