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Today we are talking about creating a TV show with my friend Jim Hope. He's a whiz who writes, performs, and produces comedy. I first met Jim when I performed on the Henry Cho Show on Great American Country (GAC Cable TV). He was a co-writer and producer and I could tell a smart guy. I caught him again a few years later performing on the showcase for the Christian Comedy Association in Los Angeles. And then one morning I was watching the Disney Channel with my kids and his name popped up as the co-executive producer for "Dog with a Blog."

I reached out to Jim in the early phase of the COVID-19 crisis because I figured it might be the only time I could reign in the busy man. And we all benefit from the conversation. Jim gives us a lot to think about.

Jim Hope Show Notes

Specifically, we talk about:

  • His early goal of being a college professor just like his grandfather
  • How he got a little burned out with college and tried stand-up
  • The pros and cons of starting comedy in Los Angeles
  • How performing on stage is like being naked
  • When comedians start to "build their armor"
  • Opening for Tim Allen, Gilbert Gottfried, Chris Rock, and Damon Wayans
  • Getting tips early on from Ellen Degeneres
  • Why you shouldn't try to be Jerry Seinfeld
  • What motivates him to keep doing comedy
  • Developing a show for Disney Jr., and an animated adult show
  • Teaching at Chapman University
  • Creating a TV show
  • The types of comedy tropes
  • "Helpers and obstacles"
  • Breaking down the characters on "The Office"
  • The ideal length of a comedy show

And much, much more!

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