CFC 98 - Ben Miller vs Jake Vevera


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Chris Hamilton vs Daniel J Perafan

Kelly Taylor vs Connor Dixon

Graham Cooper vs Lawrence R

Danny Rathbun vs Steve Girard


Ben Miller vs Jake Vevera

OFFICALS: Justin Lanza, Andrew Casertano and Niko Pav

JUDGES: Chris From Brooklyn, Amy Shanker, Robbie Goodwin

HOST: Matt Maran

This episode was recorded on Wednesday August 19th. This show was recorded at a secret rooftop location, however it is typically recorded LIVE at The Stand Comedy Club in NYC, go watch live every Sunday at 9PM! Get $5 tickets at The Stand when you use promo code CFC. Not in the NYC area? You can still watch Comedy Fight Club LIVE every Wednesday at 10:30pm online for FREE ONLY on Once you're there, become a member and gain access to our entire archive of episodes! Use promo code CFC and save 15% at sign up!

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