Wilfredo Benitez, MScN, M.Ed.: Fueling Tough Training Blocks


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About this episode:
In this week’s episode, Hillary sits down for a second interview with performance nutritionist Will Benitez to talk about how to optimize your nutrition during tough training blocks.

Guest Bio – Wilfredo Benitez, MScN, M.Ed.:
Wilfredo (Will) Benitez is a performance nutritionist located in Portland, Oregon, USA and is the owner of his nutrition coaching practice On Pace Wellness, LLC. Will believes that nutritional optimization is a process that involves sustainable behavioral changes and practices accordingly. Will works primarily with athletes but also with those who enjoy or want to enjoy an active lifestyle, helping them to optimize their nutrition to elevate performance and health. As a performance nutritionist, a certified running coach, and an athlete himself, Will understands the athlete’s mindset, what it’s like to pursue athletic goals, and how to balance the pursuit of those goals with other responsibilities. He is passionate about helping his clients strike the necessary balance to make the nutrition coaching process result in sustained nutrition habits that are effective for the client’s goals.

Will earned his Masters Degree in Nutrition Science in 2017. He lives in Portland with his wife, Valentina, who is a naturopathic physician, and their dog and two cats.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Matching your nutrition to your training levels
  • Dialing in pre-workout and post-workout nutrition
  • The effects of alcohol on your performance

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