090: Lifelong Musician Turns Her Passion into a Powerful Membership


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Rachel Davis grew up playing the piano, writing songs, and loving music, but was steered away from pursuing a career in it. She spent 20 years in corporate sales, advertising, and online marketing to great success, but found herself anxious and unhappy in her work. She walked away from the corporate world to teach music classes that went beyond the noisy offerings full of exhausted parents she took her young children to. However, she soon discovered that she needed to take her business online to protect her mental health.

As she made major changes in her life, she wrote two albums, led a TED Talk, created an online program, and built a musical membership for children. Now, at Raise a Tiger, Rachel helps children use music to access their genius, gifts, flow, and confidence.

Today, Rachel joins the podcast to share how she came back from feeling like half a person, the unique teaching and healing power of music, and how her membership business has changed her and her family’s life for the better.

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