Suburb Trends September 2020 | What Suburbs are booming due to COVID & the housing or unit market? w/ Kent Lardner


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In this edition of Suburb Trends monthly report the team and Kent Lardner crack the lid on what suburbs are only now feeling the effects of COVID, including what areas that are seeing a massive influx of consumer demand. On top of this we analyse the data between housing prices and units prices and what this means for suburbs future growth.Here’s what we covered:

  • Why do certain suburbs always outperform the market?
  • What suburbs are cold?
  • Properties that vendors have a hard time selling?
  • How low are the current listings?
  • What is the current vacancy rate?
  • Using LMI guidelines as an insight into the quality of property in an area.
  • What happens when Sydney incomes move more regionally?
  • Why you should never judge regional property by Sydney standards.
  • What are the worst areas to be buying units?
  • What is the news for home finance?
  • Will mortgage brokers dominate in the future when it comes to your home loan?

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Suburb Analysis (file download) View website:Mangerton (Wollongong), NSW, 2500Beachmere (North Brisbane), QLD, 4510Merewether Heights (Newcastle), NSW, 2291

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