The Secret To Surfing The Tao (Tao Te Ching 14)


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Look, but you can’t see it: it’s vague. Listen, but you can’t hear it: it’s silent. Reach, but you can’t grasp it: it’s intangible. Yet these three longings to perceive lead back to the One. There’s no heaven more wondrous than this. There’s no shadowy world darker than this. It’s everlasting and nameless. Wave upon wave, threads of energy spool out from it.Then everything drifts back into the void.

It is the shape of the shapeless. The portrait of the invisible. It’s incomprehensible. Greet it, and you’ll see it has no face. Chase after it, and you’ll find it has no backside.

Master the ancient art of being present; recognize the timeless source of all existence: follow this ancient thread and you’ll discover the secret to surfing the Tao.

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