VREP #242 | Experiential Real Estate & Why Vancouver must Celebrate Innovation with Jason Turcotte & Craig Stanghetta


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We hope this interview inspires you; it definitely inspired us. On this episode, Jason Turcotte, VP of Development at Cressey, and Craig Stanghetta, Principal and Founder of Ste. Marie and celebrated restauranteur, join Adam & Matt to unpack the market, the up-and-coming areas, and Cressey’s latest and entirely unique offering: “Format.” For several years, Jason and Craig have worked continuously on an innovative housing concept inspired by East Vancouver - a blank slate floor plan that buyers can actually control! Their “kit of parts” idea enables purchasers to pick and choose the functions of their home. In short, what works for you, the homeowner? And... who better than Craig Stanghetta, the man behind Vancouver’s trendiest restaurants (Pepino’s & Savio Volpe) to help guide you there! You always thought you were good at design. Now you will be (with Craig’s help).

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