122: Intuition, Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Microdosing Psychedelics – PAUL AUSTIN


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Welcome to the expanded consciousness series.

My first guest is Paul F. Austin (@paulaustin3w). Paul is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and educator. He has founded two companies in the emerging psychedelic space, Third Wave and Synthesis.

The Microdosing Experience program with Paul is now open, and you can get a 20% discount when you use code WOKE on thethirdwave.co.

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Disclaimer: We don’t promote use of legal or illegal psychoactive substances. This podcast is created for informational purposes only.

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We discuss:

  • Paul’s upbringing and early psychedelic experiences
  • The process of becoming over ego-based accomplishments
  • How he became a digital nomad
  • The skill of dropping into your intuition
  • Creativity as a spiritual practice
  • What is microdosing
  • Microdosing for social anxiety
  • What happens in an afterglow of a psychedelic experience
  • The importance of psychedelic integration and community
  • Changing the cultural conversation around psychedelics through the lens of microdosing
  • What’s the difference between psychedelics and drugs?

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