002: Megan Arend I Nautilus Labs, Advocating for Yourself, Empathy & Taking Chances


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In our second episode, I interview Megan Arend who is easily one of the most talented people I’ve worked with. Megan is currently a Senior Product Manager at Nautilus Labs where she participates in their mission to advance the efficiency of ocean commerce.

In our discussion, Megan and I cover a lot of ground and she offers great career advice around:

· How to advocate for yourself by asking for what you want

· The importance of taking career chances even when it’s scary

· The significance of persistence, but also knowing when to walk away.

· Doing more with less.

· The burden of leadership.

· The importance of empathy in your career

· Her morning routine and how to get your brain firing on all cylinders before work

· Her answer to an important question most tech companies care about

And much, much more.

You can connect with Megan on Instagram Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can read more about Nautilus Labs here.

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